Since the 1st of January 2017, it is mandatory to be able to demonstrate, register and monitor the professional competence of operational staff in a neutral, objective and unambiguous way. The demonstrability of the professional competence of the staff can be obtained through certification (MBO) or you can opt for personal certification. When the advice of the exam bureau is positive, the certifying institution DNV GL delivers a personal certificate for the scaffold builder, which is registered in the Central Diploma Register (CDR).

The management of the certification scheme and the professional competence profiles is provided by the Foundation Safe Working at Height. The exams are carried out in accordance with the standard established by this foundation. The Foundation Safe Working at Height focuses on the promotion of safe working at height, the associated training structure and the demonstration of the competence and expertise of persons who are daily (in) directly involved in providing a safe temporary workplace at heights.


XY Masterclass takes exams “working at height” for the following fields of competence: