Supervisor Lifting and Hoisting – commissioned by Stichting Educatie Verticaal Transport

This sector-qualifying training is not only intended for employees who actually fulfill the function of Supervisor Lifting and Hoisting. Also for operators who, in certain cases, take charge of the management – for example if several cranes of the company are at work – and maintain contact with the client on site, this training offers a lot of added value. In addition, the training is also very suitable for operators or planners who are occasionally deployed to take on a job and prepare for it.

During the course the student is expected to act as a Supervisor Lifting and Hoisting. Aspects such as a positive attitude, keeping appointments, doing homework and assignments,  collegiality and taking account of others, is obvious  behavior for a Supervisor Lifting and Hoisting and therefore also for a student.


The training concludes with an (independent) exam with a final case as content. The starting point of this exam is that the candidate must be able to realize a certain performance and presentation on the basis of a problem definition; namely adding the value of a Supervisor Lifting and Hoisting to the execution of the assignment. In assessing the final case, attention is paid to both expertise (the best technical and cost-conscious or economic solutions) and safety and to the way in which this solution is presented.

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