Mobile Crane Operator

The ECOL Mobile Crane Operator exam can be taken in English or in your own language (provided there is a training institute in the relevant country) and consists of a practical exam, a theory exam and a language test.
Theory exam
The theory exam is taken digitally and consists of 60 multiple choice questions, of which at least 45 questions must be answered for a pass.
The theory exam lasts 90 minutes.
Language test
Candidates who do not take the digital theory exam in English must also take a language test. The language test is taken digitally and consists of 20 multiple choice questions, of which at least 14 questions must be answered correctly for a pass. This test will be followed by the theory exam.
The language test lasts 30 minutes.
Practical exam
The practical exam is taken in pairs. The candidate receives a practical assignment from the examiner that must be carried out in 240 minutes under the supervision of the examiner. Afterwards, the examiner will evaluate the exam with the exam candidate and the exam candidate will receive a positive or negative advice. The final certification decision rests with the “ECOL Examination Commission”.
Conditions for participation in an ECOL training and exam are;
  • 18 years or older
  • In possession of a C driving license
  • To have basic knowledge of the English language
  • Have sufficient practical skills (at least EQF level 2)

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